INVISIBLE FIENDS is a six-part horror series for children aged 9 and over.  The first book in the series – MR MUMBLES – will be released on February 4th 2010 in the UK. Between January and May 2010 it will also be available in Germany, Canada and Australia.

Book two in the series will be released six months later, with new installments released every six months after that, until the series comes to an end in mid-2012.

I’ll be posting all the latest news on the series on this page as it happens, but until then here’s the press release HarperCollins issued about the series back in January 2009.

HarperCollins Acquire Rights in Debut Horror Series

London, 23 January 2009:

HarperCollins Children’s Books is delighted to announce the acquisition of Invisible Fiends, a debut series by B. Hutchison. The six-book deal for world rights including TV, film and merchandise was concluded by Nick Lake, Commissioning Editor at HarperCollins, and Kathryn Ross at Fraser Ross Associates.

Described as Harry Potter meets Nightmare on Elm Street, Invisible Fiends is a fantastically original, darkly funny and shiver-inducing new horror series about what happens when 12-year-old Kyle’s imaginary friend from childhood comes back to life…with a vengeance! The series is aimed at children of 9+ and the first book, Invisible Fiends: Mr Mumbles, is scheduled for publication in early 2010. HarperCollins will be showcasing early proof copies at this year’s Bologna Book Fair.

Nick Lake said, “As unusual and terrifying as the monsters that people its pages, Invisible Fiends is one of those rare projects that combine a fresh premise, wonderfully accessible writing, and the sort of deft humour that makes the terror-sweats just about bearable. Anyone who likes laughing, or screaming, or preferably both at the same time, will love it.”

Covers for Book One

Below are some scans of the covers for book one. The first is the cover of the proof copy – a rough mock-up of the book which is sent to booksellers and the press – and the one below that is the actual cover as it will appear in the shops.