The Moon-Faced Ghoul-Thing-68953-3I started writing for children back in 2007 or so, when I was hired by children’s publisher, Egmont, to write two books in their Beastly series, under the pseudonym, Andy Baxter. Since then, I’ve written around 70 books for children and teenagers, including several ghost-written titles based on hit TV shows like Ben 10, Skylanders and Adventure Time.

While I love getting to play with characters other people have created, I much prefer writing my original fiction, and have had several series published over the years, starting with my Invisible Fiends horror series. Click the links below to find out some more about each book.

I’ll get around to adding the others eventually, honest.

Invisible Fiends

Mr Mumbles
Raggy Maggie
The Crowmaster
Doc Mortis
The Beast
The Darkest Corners


The 13th Horseman
The Book of Doom

Benjamin Blank

The Shark-Headed Bear-Thing
The Swivel-Eyed Ogre-Thing (details coming soon)
The Moon-Faced Ghoul-Thing (details coming soon)

Beaky Malone

World’s Greatest Liar (details coming soon)

Reluctant Readers

The Return of Frankie Stine (details coming soon)
Tunnel of Terror (details coming soon)
Rise of the Rabbits (details coming soon)
Little Red (details coming soon)