Today is the long-awaited publication day for the first book in my new series, Beaky Malone: World’s Greatest Liar! Reviews have already started to pop up on various blogs, along with some interviews and other stuff I’ve been involved in. You can find a lot of it on the sites mentioned in the blog tour banner below (click to see the larger version), or check out the first interview with me over at Zoe Markham Writes.

beakyblogtourIn case you don’t know, Beaky Malone is my new series, which is being published by the lovely people at Stripes. It’s a (hopefully) funny tale of a boy named Beaky, who has the gift of being able to come up with lies, whoppers and fibs at the drop of a hat. In fact, he lies almost constantly – much to the annoyance of his older sister, Jodie.

When Jodie stumbles upon a shop which claims to be home to the world’s only truth-telling machine, she drags her little brother inside. The machine turns out to be nothing more than a rusted metal box with “truth-telling machine” scribbled on the front in felt tip pen, but when Beaky emerges, he finds he is unable to utter a single untruth – and that’s when things really start to go wrong for him…

Of all the books I’ve ever written, I possibly enjoyed writing this one the most. For a change, it doesn’t involve monsters, scary villains or the end of the world, and instead is just about a boy, his family, their TV-eating dog, and the many disasters that befall them, thanks to Beaky’s relentless truth-telling.

I’ve loved all the covers and illustrations in my books so far (especially Chris Mould’s work on the Benjamin Blank books), but there’s something about the illustrations in this one that manage to make me laugh out loud. They’re done by the amazing Katie Abey, who has managed to capture Beaky and his family perfectly – even creepy Sophie, who does almost nothing but stare blankly throughout the book.

If you want to find out more, follow along with the blog tour over the next week, or pop to your local bookshop to nab yourself a copy and get reading. Can’t get to a bookshop? Try LoveReading4KidsHive, Waterstone’s or Amazon and get a copy delivered straight to your door!

Beaky Malone is Born!

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  • Hey Barry Your books are incredible I read them every night before i go to bed.

    My favorite book series are the invisible fiends!! 🙂

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