beanocoverFor the past few months I’ve been the regular writer on Ball Boy for the Beano. As you may know, Ball Boy is a football crazy lad – which is ironic, because I’ve never had any interest in or aptitude for football whatsoever. In fact, my hatred of going out to play the game at school break times often led to me sitting up in class writing stories instead, so I probably owe a lot of my career to the sport in a weird way.

While I’m not exactly the world’s leading authority on football, I do know a thing or two about scary stuff, and I was able to put that to good use for this week’s strip, which sees a team from Transylvania arrive to challenge the Beanotown Juniors to a game. There’s something a bit creepy about the Transylvania Athletic squad, though – and for some reason they’ll only play at night time…

Find out what happens in the latest issue of the Beano, out today!


Ball Boy’s Halloween
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