Ah yes, I have a blog. I’d forgotten about that. It has been two months since my last update but, well, things have been a little bit hectic during that time to say the least.

First up, let’s kick off with some big exciting news. You know how The 13th Horseman went and won last year’s Scottish Children’s Book Award for Older Readers? Well guess what – The Book of Doom has only gone and been shortlisted in the same category in this year’s competition.

As ever, it’s up against some very stiff competition. The winner will be announced in March 2014 (so a bit of a while to wait), and you can check out the full shortlist here.

In other exciting news, a huge chunk of the last few months has been taken up by writing for the telly! I can’t reveal much yet, but I’ve written the majority of the episodes of a new children’s comedy series coming to CITV in August.

I’ve been down on set in Bristol watching filming and it’s looking brilliant. It’s wildly different to anything else I’m aware of for that age group, so I can’t wait to see the reaction when it broadcasts at the end of August. I even make a cameo appearance in one episode, wearing a rather splendid wig, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Before I dart off and get back to work, I wanted to let you know that I’ll be appearing at the Edinburgh International Book Festival again this year to talk about The Book of Doom. I’ll be doing mostly new material, so even if you’ve been to see me before there should be plenty of new stuff to keep you entertained.

Find out more and grab your tickets over on the EIBF site.

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