The Book of Doom

The second hilarious book in Barry’s AFTERWORLDS sequence – comic fantasy perfect for fans of Pratchett and Douglas Adams. There’s panic up in Heaven. They have mislaid the BOOK OF DOOM – the most important object in existence. Oopsy. They think Satan might have stolen it, the sneaky...

Happy Birthday to Me

happy-birthday-cakeSo today I reach the grand old age of 35 or, as I like to think of it, halfway to 70. I’m not looking at it as a day to get presents, though, or another year shuffled closer to the blessed release of death. Instead I’m looking at it as a day for giving. Giving to you, my friend. To you.

You see, to celebrate my birthday, I’m making some free content available to my blog readers around the world. You’ll find the list of giveaway stuff below. It’ll only be available for 48 hours after this post goes live, so if you don’t grab it before then, you’ve missed your chance.

Ready? Clap your eyes on this lot…

1. THE BONE HOUSE – my short ebook horror story for free on Kindle. Grab it here in the UK or here in the US. If you enjoy it, feel free to leave a review on Amazon. That goes for any of my books, for that matter!

2. THE BOOK OF DOOM – check out the never-before-seen prologue of my upcoming Afterworlds book.

3. THE 3 WISE MEN OF THE APOCALYPSE – miss this Afterworlds short story before Christmas? I’m giving you a second chance to get your hands on it now.

4. INVISIBLE FIENDS colouring sheet. No, really! Download and print it, then get colouring.

There – don’t say I’m not good to you. Feel free to repay all this kindness by signing up to my newsletter below.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat some cake.

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It's like stalking - in reverse.

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9 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Val Finnegan says:

    Hey, Happy Birthday. Thanks for the freebies. Have a lot of cake!

  2. @zackids says:

    Happy Birthday to @barryhutchison! It’s his birthday but we get the prezzies, including the prologue of Book of Doom

  3. Happy Birthday @barryhutchison! He’s young, gifted… And giving!

  4. Amy says:

    Happy birthday!

  5. Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday. You can still grab all the freebies until the end of today.

  6. Ms. Yingling says:

    Happy (belated) birthday. Mr. Mumbles is still getting a workout in my library. Tell your publisher to send your books across the pond!

  7. @HaggerTails @EdinBookshop The 3 Wise Men of the Apocalypse:

  8. Ottilie Wood says:

    I bought my son your 1st two books for christmas. He has just finished Raggy Maggy and been raving about how good it is. So wanting to see what all the fuss was about, I just read him the first chapter of Invisible Fiends. OMG – sooo good. I can tell its going to be scary! I think I will have to read them myself. Keep up the great work. Its his birthday on the 6th February so Im going to order him the rest in the collection. Funny as you share the same birth date as his Daddy. A belated birthday to you, Ottilie

    • Barry says:

      Hi Ottilie,

      That’s great – I do love it when kids convert their parents to the cause. I hope he (and you) both enjoy the rest of the series. Be warned, though, they get scarier from here on in…

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