OK, so I may have completely failed in my book advent calendar (more details of which later) but let me make it up to you with this – my home-made trailer for The Book of Doom, the second of my Afterworlds books. It was made with a budget of £9.63, so if it leads to me selling an additional 20 or so books it’ll be a profitable venture…

Anyway, please let me know what you think in the comments below – love to hear your opinion on it.

The voiceover includes dialogue spoken by the Archangel Gabriel in the book. You can get a sneak preview at Gabriel in my exclusive Afterworlds short story – The 3 Wise Men of the Apocalypse – which I’ll be sending out to all my newsletter subscribers on Christmas Eve. Want to get your hands on it? Sign up below.

The Book of Doom Trailer

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