Welcome back to part 7 of my countdown to Christmas, in which I’ll be revealing 24 books that I’ve either really enjoyed reading recently, or which had a big impact on me when I first read them.

The book that’s behind door 7 is one that I read about a decade ago – well after its 1996 publication. It’s a graphic novel from DC comics and is, in my opinion, one of the all time greats. Roll over door number 7 to see what’s behind it.

Book Advent Calendar Day 7

KINGDOM COME by Mark Waid and Alex Ross is a superhero story with a difference. Set years in the future when the current DC superheroes have been replaced by countless power-crazed wannabes, it tells the story of the original Justice League coming out of retirement to try to restore order. In doing so, however, they put the whole world at risk, and Mark Waid poses some interesting questions about taking responsibility for our own actions, and learning to solve our problems without outside assistance.

And it’s got Batman robots in it. Can’t forget that.

Read more about the book over at The Hive – an online bookshop made up of a network on independent booksellers.

Book Advent Calendar – Day 7

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