The concluding part of this darkly funny, horror series Darren Shan called ‘deliciously nightmarish’.

Kyle is a bit of a problem child. He won’t do what his dad tells him. But that’s because his dad wants Kyle to unleash the scuttling, screaming, killer creatures of the Darkest Corners and bring about the end of the world. Now might be a good time to rebel…

The epic conclusion to the award-winning Invisible Fiends series. Who lives, who dies, and who never truly existed in the first place? All will be revealed.

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Praise for The Darkest Corners

“The Darkest Corners is an absolutely perfect end to a series that I wish could go on forever.” – My Best Friends Are Books

“Having read this final book I am happy to report that it is a superb end to the series.” – Book Zone

“I read the book in one sitting and honestly wanted to read the entire series again once I finished. Barry Hutchison is definitely THE children’s author to watch from now on!” – Amazon

Book Details

  • Published: 2nd August 2012
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books
  • Format: Paperback, 288 pages
  • ISBN: 978-0007315208
  • Price: £5.99


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It's like stalking - in reverse.

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The Darkest Corners

7 thoughts on “The Darkest Corners

  • Dear Barry
    You book series invisible friends is the best deries i have ever read and i have recomended it to all of my friends. Will there be any more books to the series?
    Your biggest fan

  • Hello Sky,

    Thanks for letting me know how much you’ve enjoyed the Invisible Fiends series, and well done on spreading the word!

    Unfortunately that’s it for Kyle’s adventures for the moment. I may be tempted to write some more someday, but for now his nightmare is over. I’ve got lots of other books on their way, though, so hopefully you’ll enjoy those, too.


  • I am getting the first book in two days when you come to my mates school she might get it signed if shes lucky 🙂


  • Hello, Barry!
    I really love your ‘Invisible Fiends’ series!
    I ordered ‘The Darkest Corners’ the other day after begging my mum!
    I think ‘The Beast’ is the best (just my opinion), but I have a feeling the next will be amazing!
    Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE make some more books to the ‘Invisible Fiends’ series!
    I think you’re such a good writer! I love the way you wrote in 1st person throughout the series!
    I hope you read this so, so, so much!

    Lauren!!!! 😀

  • In the blurb, you kind of give away a clue about a certain character (don’t want to give any spoilers) and I honestly CRIED FOR DAYS after reading the ending XD but I have a question. In order to ask that question, I need to mention names and stuff. Is there any way for me to ask you without giving anything away to anyone else? <3

    1. Aww! Sorry I made you cry (I’m not really).

      Good thinking on the no-spoiler thing. Drop me an email through the contact me bit above and I’ll reply.

  • Dear Barry, I really do not know how you write your amazing books. They have everything I really appreciate In books. If there is one series I would have never have wanted to end , it would be the invisible fiends . I really thought you’d finished up with the mystery of Joseph and I can just say here and now I really thought that epilogue ,being an epilogue lover, was the best I have ever read . I was the first one to actually start the invisible fiends trend in my area and there is nothing better to be known as than “the guy who introduced that amazing book series.” This was also the best finale that I have ever read with its action , drama and even large tears for me.
    Regards , your no.1 fan (probaly) Thomas

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