Who’s Your Favourite?

Because A) I do a lot of events, and B) lots of people seem to have definite favourites when it comes to the Four Horsemen on the Apocalypse in The 13th Horseman, I’m thinking of getting some badges printed to give away at my talks. I’ve quickly knocked together some rough designs this morning. I’ll work on them some more later, but for now – which #Team are you on? Leave a comment below to let me know.

Me, I find it difficult to choose. I like all four of them for very different reasons, but if only to stop him feeling left out I’ll declare myself #TeamFamine.

Your turn!

16 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favourite?

  1. I’m Team Famine. He made me laugh the hardest because of the places he pulls food from (and a certain incident with some scales). I’ve even got a Team Famine t-shirt made for the launch of 13th Horseman in New Zealand.

  2. Cheers, guys! So not counting my vote that’s one for War and one for Famine.

    I can’t wait to see that t-shirt, Zac! I’m going to start putting the video together early next week.

    The Horsemen make a cameo in the next book, Viv – THE LOST BOOK OF EVERYTHING. After that? Well, you’ll just have to watch this space…

  3. Is it fair to pick without reading the book? I’m gonna anyway. Team Famine! I love how adorable his neuroses are, just from the diary. Can’t wait til the book is in the US!

  4. Well in would be Pestilence, but I just couldn’t bring myself to were such a girly badge, so I will go with Death

  5. Don’t you dare change Pest’s badge colour, it suits him to a T.Can’t I have one of each? If not then I’ll go with Pest’s badge, although when I think of Famine and his “steed” I’m torn…

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