The penultimate book in the darkly funny horror series Darren Shan called ‘deliciously nightmarish’Kyle is having trouble with the neighbours. They’ve turned into black-eyed, flesh-eating zombies. Now would be a good time to leave town but out there, on the snow covered streets, something far worse is lurking.

There is a beast in the shadows and the only way for Kyle to fight it is to use his powers. But every time Kyle uses them, he weakens the barrier between this world, and the terrifying, world of the Darkest Corners. If the barrier breaks there will be more killers on the streets..

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Praise for The Beast

This is definitely one of my favourite series of books for the 9+ age group of the past few years, if not of all time.” – BookZone

“Explosive to the end with lots of secrets finally being revealed.” – Serendipity Reviews

“Probably my favourite book of the series so far.” – My Best Friends Are Books

Book Details

  • Published: 5th January 2012
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books
  • Format: Paperback, 288 pages
  • ISBN: 978-0007315185
  • Price: £5.99
The Beast

9 thoughts on “The Beast

  • Dear Barry,
    please, please, pleeease, ask the german publisher, if they can translate the 2 other books from invisible fiends.
    The english book is too hard to read for us.
    And we want it sooo to read 🙁
    Please, try it.
    Thank you.
    Greetings, Merle

    1. Hi Merle,

      I think only the first three books are out in Germany at the moment – Mr Mumbles, Raggy Maggie and The Crowmaster. The other three – Doc Mortis, The Beast and The Darkest Corners are not going to be published in German as far as I know. I’ve asked them to, but I think the problem is that the publisher has decided later books in the series get too scary. Doc Mortis is REALLY scary (but it’s probably my favourite book in the whole series) and so they decided not to bring them out in German.

      The best thing I can suggest is that you try contacting the publisher yourself and asking them to publish the rest of the series. Get your friends to contact them, too – maybe if enough people write to them they’ll decide to publish the last three books. It’s worth a try, anyway!

      You can find their contact details here somewhere:

      Thanks for being a fan of the series!

  • We read the beast in school and I loved it and so did my class. I really like writing suspense stories but the beast was the best x
    Shanley x Cleeves Primary School x

  • Hello 🙂
    I have talked to you a lot lately XD
    Just to say, The Beast is my favourite!
    Darkest Corners comes next!
    I’m reading Book of Doom now with my friend for a project.
    Pity I haven’t read the first one :/
    Will read it soon!
    Byee :p

  • Dear barry , will you be writing more spin offs, like the rise of doc mortis beacause I really enjoyed reading that one spin off , my favorite book of the invisible fiends being doc mortis . WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next text contains spoilers , or should I say tiny spoilers , so do not read if have not read “Invisible Fiends The Beast”. YOU WERE WARNED!!!!!!!
    Although Doc Mortis was my favoroute book , the beast did not fail to inpress . With it’s dark storyline it had me quivering in my bedsheets at night , fearing that a screecher would manage to somehow climb through my window and tear the flesh of my face with it’s machette like teeth. The beast Also had a mixed sense of emotion , which at some points ,mainly the end, made me cry in small silent teers as I read, thilled and gripped by the intense action that took me under seconds.
    Regards your’e no. 1 fan (probably) Thomas :-|) p.s I am 10 years old (just incase)

    1. Hey Thomas, thanks for that brilliant review. I think I will do some more short spin-off stories. Anyone in particular you’d like to read about?

      1. Well , For one thing thanks for replying (Very Big Thanks As A Thanks Actually) I Would Like To See All Your Books Having Spin – Offs Mainly “The Beast” or … “The Crowmaster” Because Those Ones Really Made Me Wonder Of The Past Of These Immensly Terrifying Monster’s Past. Please Also Say Hello to My Friends Who Where Taken By Your’e Books Jason , Rueben , Fraser And James (Who I Belive Sent An Email To You Saying “Hi” And You Replied” .Goodbye , Thomas

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