Don’t worry, Invisible Fiends fans. With all this talk lately of The 13th Horseman, I haven’t forgotten about Kyle and Ameena and their adventures with the monsters from The Darkest Corners. The fifth book in the series, THE BEAST, is now finished and will be coming out a little earlier than expected – on January 5th 2012 to be exact. Which is just one day before my birthday, in case any of you want to send me a present or something. No pressure, like.

The Beast can now be pre-ordered from Amazon, and I would expect any local bookshop worth its salt will be happy to accept pre-orders soon too, if they aren’t already. What’s more, I can even show you the cover now. Cast your eyes just a few milimetres down the page to check out Jonny Duddle’s latest masterpiece.

What a looker, eh?

Like it? Hate it? How does it compare with the previous covers? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Something BEASTLY this way comes.
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One thought on “Something BEASTLY this way comes.

  • WOW the beast is creepy by the way Barry I’m at St. Brigid’s primary school in Glasgow and I came to your talk at the Mitchell library and to let you know I’M A SQUIRREL!!!!

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