A few new reviews for the Invisible Fiends series have popped up online recently, so I thought I’d link to them here, because they’re all lovely and positive. Well, I’m hardly going to link to bad ones am I? Not that there are any bad ones, of course. Perish the very thought.

So, first up it’s a review of MR MUMBLES by David Brett-Andrews (@SympleSymon on Twitter).

Another thing I loved about this book was the characterisation and dialogue – whether it’s Kyle’s seemingly-eccentric Nan, his mother struggling to keep her family together with the absence of the father, the new friend Kyle soon makes in the mysterious strange girl Ameena, or the silent tornado of Mr Mumbles, each and every character bursts from the pages with a stark vibrancy that is hard to find in most debut novels.

Click here to read more of David’s review.

Next up is a review by Paul Carroll (@writeranonymous on Twitter) for THE CROWMASTER, the latest book in the series (until DOC MORTIS is published in early August, at least).

But the Crowmaster is more than that. He’s also in charge of an army of crows. Very, very violent crows. So while I wasn’t struggling to sleep because of every little noise I heard, I was overly aware of every bird I passed by. Especially the ones that looked at me. And that was only after the first sighting of the crows, before they became entirely messed up!

Want to read more of Paul’s review? Click here.

Finally, there’s another CROWMASTER review courtesy of the ever-excellent Inis magazine.

Hutchison’s third book in this series is, once again, a well-constructed horror story that uses many of the established tools and conventions of the genre skilfully.

Go and check the full review out for yourself.

That’s it for now. Back later with some exciting news about this year’s Edinburgh Book Festival…

Some reviews an’ that

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  • Thanks for the link, Barry. Glad you liked the review – I’m re-reading Raggy Maggie in time for the second review due up some time next week. It’s always amazing no matter how many times I read it!


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