Well, I didn’t win the Author Blog Awards, but then I didn’t really expect to. The well-deserved winners were Emily Benet, Sam Starbuck, and the living legend that is Neil Gaiman. All three blogs (well, Twitter feed, in Neil’s case) are brilliant reads, and well worth adding to your bookmarks if you haven’t got them in there already.

The whole competition was an excellent idea, and I’m really pleased that BarryHutchison.com made it to the final shortlist. I had been toying with the idea of letting the blog go to pasture, and concentrating instead on the social media sites I use (see the list on the right) but making the awards shortlist has really renewed my enthusiasm for blogging, so expect to see more regular updates on here from now on.

I have a few exciting announcements coming up over the next few weeks. The first is that I’m going to be running an internet auction which will allow the winning bidder to either appear, or to nominate someone else to appear, in issue one of my upcoming comic mini-series, GANGRENE.

The exact ‘role’ that will be available to bid on will be announced when the auction starts (this weekend, if all goes to plan), and all money raised will go towards the costs of producing and marketing the comic. I’ll post more info here when the auction is ready to go.

If you’re new to the blog and are wondering what all this GANGRENE business is about, take a look at this five page preview of issue 1. Be warned, though, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

I’m also developing a new comic mini-series, which will be distributed on the PSP via Playstation Network, and via iTunes for the iPod, iPhone and iPad. More on that – along with some artwork – in the next couple of weeks.

What a loser.

2 thoughts on “What a loser.

  • So glad you’re not going to let your blog go out to pasture as I really enjoy reading your posts. Your Twitter feed is great for notifying me when there’s a new blog post to read, so rather than replace your blog with social networking sites, why not allow them to complement each other? Also, not all your fans use the social tools (I only use Twitter and YouTube myself).

  • Thanks, Jon – much appreciated. The blog is set up to auto-post to Facebook as well as Twitter, so that takes some of the effort out. It doesn’t post to the Bebo page, though, but then Bebo is probably going to be closed down in a few weeks, so I’m not going to lose much sleep about that…

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