You might have noticed a new menu option has appeared just below the logo up at the top of the page. Because the Gangrene website is woefully out of date, I’ve put together a Comics page here on, which will allow you to keep up to date with everything I’m doing in the wonderful world of comic books.

My big project at the moment is Gangrene, which has been mentioned a number of times on here before. The book is going to be published by Markosia, and it’s currently all systems go as we race to make sure it’s published later this year.

There are a number of costs involved in getting a comic to the point where it’s ready for publication, let alone the money required for marketing. To help with these costs, we’ve come up with a number of fund-raising schemes, the first of which – the ebay auction mentioned yesterday – will be launching this weekend.

In the meantime, if you’re feeling flush and want to help with the project, there’s a donate button at the bottom of the Comics page. There are various freebies and trinkets on offer to everyone who donates, along with my undying respect, appreciation and – yes – love, so be sure to give generously!

Help bring Gangrene to life

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