One year ago today I was on a train to Glasgow to meet my then-potential agent, Kathryn Ross.  I wrote this, the first post on

A lot has happened in the year since then.  I’ve covered most of it over in this post, so there’s not a lot of point going into it here.

Instead, let’s gaze into this crystal ball I just happen to have found, and look forward to what’s going to happen over the next 365 days.

Feb – By the end of this month I will have proof copies of INVISIBLE FIENDS: MR MUMBLES in my sweaty, clammy hands.  It’ll be the first time I’ve seen the manuscript in anything even vaguely resembling the finished product, so I’m dead excited, so I am.

March – The Bologna Book Fair is on, and HarperCollins will be showing INVISIBLE FIENDS.  Lots of foreign rights/movie rights deals either begin or conclude at Bologna, so it could be a very interesting month.  Or it might be heart-breaking if no-one else likes it.

May – Ben 10 books 3 & 4 are released.  Pre-order them on Amazon now by clicking their images on the right of this screen.  That way >>>>

June – Another book I’ve written for Egmont is released.  It’s insanely top-secret, so I can’t say anything about it without risking my life and the lives of everyone reading this blog.  Sorry.

July – Final draft of INVISIBLE FIENDS: BOOK 2 is due in.  I’ve now finished the second draft, so I’m well on target for this.  Assuming my editor doesn’t hate it and I have to start from scratch again.  That’d be a bummer.

August – Start book three of IF.

September – Second child due to be born on the second of September.  Not expecting to get a lot of writing done that week…

October – Possibly 4 new Egmont books coming out this month, although I haven’t had it confirmed yet that they’re happening.  Fingers crossed.

January 2010 – Book 3 of IF due in.  Start on Book 4.

1st February 2010 – INVISIBLE FIENDS: MR MUMBLES is released.  Huzzah!

So that’s what I expect to happen.  No doubt there will be a number of surprises thrown in along the way – both good and bad.  It’ll be interesting to look back in a year’s time and see what else happened.

Of course by then I’ll be living in a palace made of diamond on the moon.

Happy Birthday,

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