I’ve just finished reading Batman #681, which – I’m sure you’re all only too aware – was the conclusion to the Batman R.I.P. storyline.

Written by my fellow Scot, Grant Morrison, Batman R.I.P. has been hyped up to insane levels in the comic book community over the past few months.  Morrison promised a saga with shocking twists, and what he called “the end of Bruce Wayne as Batman”.

What was delivered was – to my mind – something of a confusing mess.  There were so many characters in the storyline I lost track of who was who and why any of them were doing the things they were doing.  The storyine jumped about from place to place, while also flicking forwards and backwards in time.  Cliffhangers from issue 680 seem to have been forgotten about for the concluding issue (Commissioner Gordon in the booby-trapped Wayne Manor, anyone?) and generally the whole thing felt a bit sloppy.

I won’t give details about the ending in case I spoil it for anyone, although it’s so bland there’s not a lot to be spoiled.  It was all very disappointing, although nowhere near the awfulness of Jeph Loeb’s recent run on HULK.  If ever someone deserved to be whipped across the legs with reeds, it’s him.

Batman R.I.P.

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